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Program Overview

We are committed to helping New York State’s agriculture industry grow and thrive. With extensive research showing people would buy more (74%), pay more (49%) and favor food bearing the New York State Grown & Certified seal (96%), participating in this program is a winning proposition. By offering New York State Grown & Certified labeled products, you can assure your customers that you are committed to providing them with the high-quality food they desire.

New York State’s agriculture industry is one of its greatest assets. New York State Grown & Certified is the first statewide, multi-faceted food certification program designed to:

Program Details
The First Program of it's Kind Designed to:

Build awareness and confidence in New York State branded agricultural products.  Provide meaningful food product labeling in the marketplace.

Enable New York producers to take advantage of the growing market demand for foods locally grown and produced to a higher standard.

Fulfill the state’s economic development mission to advance the growth of our agricultural sector and secure markets for its products.

The Grown & Certified Seal

The New York State Grown & Certified seal indicates to your customers that your products have been produced in a way that is committed to the environment and the highest standards for food safety. New York State Grown & Certified is currently available to producers who are certified for Good Agricultural Practices and participate in an Agriculture Environmental Management program.

New York State markets NYS Grown & Certified products through a campaign that includes television, print, radio, and targeted internet advertising. The marketing campaign encourages New York State consumers to look for the Grown & Certified seal, and drives them to retailers who stock NYS Grown & Certified products.
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By becoming a participating retailer in New York State Grown & Certified, your shoppers will know that you care enough to offer produce and dairy that is safer, fresher, and produced in ways that protect the environment. Market research shows consumers are willing to pay more for high-quality produce and dairy.

If you are interested in using the seal to promote the New York Grown & Certified products in your store or restaurant, contact us to obtain a licensing agreement at:

Phone: 518-457-7076, Option #3

Email: [email protected] 




Grown & Certified Retailers

Statewide campaign aimed at driving consumers to your stores.

Use of the New York State Grown & Certified seal in your marketing.

Presence on the New York State Grown & Certified website as a participating retailer.

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New York State Grown & Certified is open to New York producers who adhere to the best practices in safe food handling and environmental stewardship. It is currently available to produce growers who are certified for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and are participating in Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) plans.