June is Dairy Month!

Did you know that in 2016, milk and dairy products accounted for nearly 50%- or $2.6 billion- of all agricultural sales in New York? New York is the #3 leading producer of milk in the nation, the top producer of yogurt and cream cheese, and #2 in sour cream production.

The New York dairy industry supports the economy in all parts of the state and employs 50,000 New Yorkers. Buying dairy made in New York isn't just about getting great milk and cheese-- it's about choosing to support your neighbors, the economy, and the 620,000 dairy cows that call New York home. 

The New York State Certified dairy seal lets you know your dairy was produced right-- right here in New York State. 

Diners at a restaurant that serves New York Grown & Certified produced dining with wine, coffee, and dates in a room filled with topiary and plants as ambiance.

Looking to buy fresh, local products?

New York State’s agriculture industry is one of our great assets and keeping it growing and thriving is one of the most important things we can do. When you see products with the New York State Grown & Certified seal, you are assured that it comes from a local farm that adheres to high food safety standards and environmentally responsible practices.

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A red apple adorned with the New York State Grown & Certified blue and white seal.

Why join New York State Grown & Certified?

Participating in New York State Grown & Certified tells consumers that you adhere to higher standards in terms of food safety and environmental stewardship, making consumers more likely to purchase your products.

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commercial buyers
Bunches of grapes, grown locally in New York, are shown in bushels ready for commercial buyers.

Bring New York State Grown & Certified to Your Customers.

Meet your customers’ growing demand for foods that are locally grown and produced with higher standards. Whether you are a grocery retailer or a restaurant in New York State, it’s easy to connect with New York State Grown & Certified growers and producers.

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